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Logo Design

Our approach to logo design truly separates us from competition. We post a contest for millions of people to see and enter their unique design, then we choose 1 winner. Don't leave it up to a local individual designer who is going to show you 2 samples. It NEVER works out, instead why not allow for creativity all around the WORLD? 

Our average contests receive any where from 500 to 2000 entries, then we scrape them to pick the top 20 for you! Once you decide on a logo, we make any final revisions for you, and handover the IP agreement so you have full ownership of your logo. 

Samples of Top 20 Logo Submissions

Here is an idea of what you can expect, below are 20 samples of entries for a single logo contest we posted for the H&H Foundation this month.

A Few Companies We've Branded

Limited Time Offer!

This offer is limited, we will only accept the first 25 companies who purchase this package. After payment has been submitted, please complete the form that is sent to your inbox, from here we will get your contest posted ASAP. 

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